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“I am a semi-retired graphic designer, living in Toronto. After winding down a career designing reports, logos and all manner of advertising
I started looking for an area where I could shake it all off, have some real fun and tap into my unused creativity. Golf didn’t make the short list, but making fun greeting cards had a definite appeal.

“It all started with the birthday cards and party invitations I designed for friends and relatives. They were always somewhat snarky, a little rude and never failed to produced a giggle or two. But, above all, I really got my jollies from designing everyday Valentines for my wife and best friend, Lady D.

“The cards were sometimes saccharine sweet, a little raunchy and most of them were for private viewing only. Lady D and I sat down one day and went through all the cards she had saved and came to the realization that others might enjoy these cards as well. Eureka! We founded Trenchcoat Press.

"Since then we have developed more than 170 designs, most of which can be found in our on-line Etsy store. Each has been written and designed by Lady D and myself — sassy and classy. We hope you have as much fun giving them as we have had in creating them.”

– A D Pederman

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